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Media Tour for Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Press conference for the Westminster Kennel Club when the Russell Terrier was added as a new breed to the American Kennel Club in 2012.

WDS Amsterdam Cover

D.B.F. Tony Award at Bobcat, D.B.F. Santa Barbara Surfer Girl, Gabi with Tan Tien Qi

The Crufts Dog Show win photo
Crufts Cover Photo

D.B.F. Santa Barbara Surfer Girl was Reserve Winner Terrier Group at Crufts 2019 handled by Christian Rangel.

D.B.F. Stanley Cup won the Junior World Winner title in Helsinki, Finland in 2014, handled by Rebecca Cross.

Junior World Winner in Finland
Best of breed under Judge Simon Mills

D.B.F. Colorado Rocky Mountain High, National Specialty Winner in 2022, Montgomery County Kennel Club under Australian judge Simon Mills. Handled by Dana Bryson-Benn.

DBF Russell Terriers has bred over 100 AKC Champion Russell Terriers, including the first male and female champions in breed history. We also bred a Crufts Reserve Terrier Group winner, World Winner, 2 Junior World Winners, and the first American-bred FCI International Champion.

Champions in the American Kennel Club
Jack Russells, Russell Terriers, JRT
Breeders Almanac Promotion
Showsight Magazine Sept 2017
The Dog Magazine ad
Russell Terrier family
Examples of the Russell Terrier breed standard text
Examples of the American Kennel Club JRT breed standard text
A World Winning Jack Russell Terrier
Win photo of Demi with Christian Rangel as handler
 Show Sight Magazine 2013
2014 JRT ad
2014 JRT ad page 2
Canadian Russell Terriers
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